Saturday, 27 July 2013

A personal Update...

Good Morning Everyone!

My last post (which is still in drafts) was written when I was travelling to Melbourne for 2 days of retailer training. Boy that seems so long ago!! Better get that one finished this weekend and I have a lot more to share with you too!

But firstly I would like to apologise for my absence a bit for the past 4 months and for the delay in posting orders etc.

In March my Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer and our family went through the whole upheaval as you do when a family member is seriously ill. He had major surgery to remove the tumour and as you can imagine a 70 year old doesn't just spring back.

There where a number of complications after the surgery which resulted in more surgery... what it comes down to for the past 4 months there have been a lot of appointments (specialist, Doctors, cancer specialists, blood tests, MRI's, CT scans etc etc etc). There has also been a  LOT of waiting for results, lots of stress for all involved.

While dad was recovering my mum got sick as well and had 5 hour surgery 2 weeks ago. (supposed to be a 1 hour surgery but it seems my parents like to add a bit off drama and stress in!!)

So now the best news? My dad has no secondary cancer and Geoff Menezes is such a wonderful surgeon that he removed the original tumour so perfectly that there is none left. He is very fortunate to not even need chemo now. Things always happen for a reason, and if he hadn't had those major complications after surgery he would have started Chemo 3 months ago....and it turns out its not even needed. And my mum is fine now too (just recovering still from the operation).

Now the big catch up has started and all those projects that have been on the waiting list are now getting started...

I would just like to say a quick thanks to my friends who knew what was going on and helped me. Thank you for asking how my dad was all the time, thank you for all your prayers and just Thank you for doing my work when I had slacked off!

That's it for a personal post from me :) I only posted all this to let you all know why I have seemed a bit (ok VERY!) absent for the past 4 months.