Sunday, 30 March 2014

Holiday Smash Book

During the week the Lovely Jo came in store and purchased a smash book. I promised to send her some photos of the one I made during our holiday in Goa, but then thought might as well blog it!

In December 2012 we flew over to Goa to see my husband's family. I decided to take along a smash book, a paper pad, pack of collectables, adhesive, scissors, felt tip pen and alphabet stickers. That's it.

So I was very limited in what I could do but I am very happy with the results. I actually came home with a near completed book!

Here are a couple of photos. I haven't included all of them - I don't want to bore you with my holiday!

Title Page

I traced the inside of the roll of double sided tape to make the circles!

A haircut in Goa is only INR 20! (equivalent to around $0.50)

The kids LOVED the scooters!

St Francis Xavier is the patron saint of Goa. His relic is kept in Old Goa.

So you can create a great keepsake with very little product.

Good Luck with doing yours Jo - shout out if you need a hand :)

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Very Simple Lego Block Invitations

Next week my baby is turning 5!

He decided on a lego theme party as he LOVES lego.  And it just so happens that the new lego movie is being released during his birthday week! So we are off to the movies for his party :)

As I am always so busy I look for quick and simple but effective ideas.

Here are the invitations I made:

To replicate all you need is some coloured A5 card, 1" circle punch 
(can also be easily hand cut if you don't have a punch!)
Some foam mounts and a black ink pad.

Cut 6 1" circles per card and ink the edges lightly with a black ink pad. 
This helps the circles stand out and it helps them look more dimensional.

Put a foam square on the back in the middle, and adhere them to the front.

I then typed up the information and printed on thinner card. I also printed some "Movie Entry" tickets so the parents know the tickets are included in the invitation.

I will post next week with my ideas for the party bag etc.

Hope you have a creative week!

What is Happening?!

Good Morning!

I know many of you have heard bits and pieces and some rumours so I thought I had better let you all know what is happening in our shop.

Yes, the doors of our shop on Flores Road are officially closing this week, although we will still have a couple of days open for our clearance items. These are:

Tuesday 1st April: 9.30 - 1.00pm
Wednesday 2nd April: Closed
Thursday 3rd April: 9.30 - 1pm
Friday 4th April: Closed
Saturday 5th April: 9-12pm (to be confirmed as it is also election day!)

But contrary to some rumours - we are not closing our business but rather moving forwards in a big way!

As you know times change, peoples needs and wants change and we like to accommodate as many people as we can!

So what are we doing now?

1. We will be primarily stocking new releases + the basics (adhesives, mediums, selected embellishments)

2. Our online store and blog are currently receiving a major overhaul (this has involved a lot of hard work behind the scenes!!) and this will be live in about 3 weeks.

3. We travel and teach in various locations. (Dongara, Morowa and a few places around town)

4. There will still be workshops available to everyone for cardmaking, scrapbooking, project life and mixed media / art journal.

5. Our prices will be lower and more competitive with the rest of the internet world as we won't have the same overheads as we do now - but you will still have the opportunity to look and touch before purchase as you do now.

6. We will continue bringing in big name tutors! On the 26th July we will be hosting Jamie Dougherty from the USA and due to very popular demand Janine Koczwara is coming back to teach again too.

7. We have a HUGE multi craft weekend planned later in the year - so stay tuned!

8. Freeing myself from working daily will also give me a chance to help in our community a bit more. I have been asked to be involved in a couple of craft projects to help raise much needed funds. (I can't give more details at the moment)

Why the changes now? Honestly, I need more family time. I have been having a hard time juggling family commitments, appointments, teaching in various places, running a household and spending the much needed time my kids need with them. Something had to give - so for me my family comes first :), and the shop was actually growing out of itself too.

So we are definitely not closing, Amber and I love what we do too much!

Wishing you all a great weekend!!

Marijke and Amber

P.S.: we have ALL the new prima collections in our hands! LOVE them!! They are not available in store - but will be online in a couple of days. :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Linda's Challenge....

A couple of weeks ago Linda came in to the shop and bought along a birdcage each for Lyndall, herself and I.

Her Challenge was - Decorate it.

So I got out the floral wires and florist tape, and we started making our own vines...

To colour some of the flowers I tipped out the dregs of one of my glimmer mist bottles and painted  flowers with it.

Here are our cages an hour later...

We have done some more to it, I will add photos to this post as soon as I have taken photos of the finished product.