Sunday, 30 March 2014

Holiday Smash Book

During the week the Lovely Jo came in store and purchased a smash book. I promised to send her some photos of the one I made during our holiday in Goa, but then thought might as well blog it!

In December 2012 we flew over to Goa to see my husband's family. I decided to take along a smash book, a paper pad, pack of collectables, adhesive, scissors, felt tip pen and alphabet stickers. That's it.

So I was very limited in what I could do but I am very happy with the results. I actually came home with a near completed book!

Here are a couple of photos. I haven't included all of them - I don't want to bore you with my holiday!

Title Page

I traced the inside of the roll of double sided tape to make the circles!

A haircut in Goa is only INR 20! (equivalent to around $0.50)

The kids LOVED the scooters!

St Francis Xavier is the patron saint of Goa. His relic is kept in Old Goa.

So you can create a great keepsake with very little product.

Good Luck with doing yours Jo - shout out if you need a hand :)

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