Thursday, 26 April 2012

Your Photos....

Do your photo's ever stop you from making a scrapbook layout? Funny question isn't it?   Sometimes, while being inspired by other people's layouts, either in-house, magazines, blogs or friends layouts, we can actually become uninspired to complete our own pages, because of our photos. Sometimes we think that our happy snaps are just not right for scrapbooking.  I don't know about you, but I get tired of seeing layouts in magazines etc with perfectly dressed and posed kids, taken with the best camera and at a great location. I look at  my photo's taken with my cheap camera and think that they are not good enough to scrap! But that is not right. I  then remind myself why I scrapbook in the first place, and now I will remind you :)
Us scrapbookers scrap because first and foremost we want to capture the fun in the every day events of life, we want to leave a legacy for the next generations to treasure. We want to recorded our kids getting their first teeth, or riding their first bike, or opening gifts at Christmas, or just washing the dog. Or maybe you scrap your Grandchildren, or your Trips overseas, or maybe your pets. I want pics of my kids playing and smiling and laughing and having fun. I want  memories recorded, ones that make me smile and help me to  remember the precious years that go way to quickly.
So I pull out my trusted digital camera that can go wherever I go and I take happy snaps, sometimes they come out blurry and the kids are not framed correctly. Sometimes their clothes don't match, sometimes I even cut off part of the body lol.....But that's ok, they are my memories and deserve to be in my scrapbooks and I should feel proud. I know I will look back and remember those days, and that is what it is about.
So don't look at your photos and disregard them because they are not perfect, perfect is just an illusion.  Capture the beauty you see through the lense, and whatever layout you make will be great. If it has your kids in it, they will think they are fantastic anyway just because they are the star attractions!
Take a look at this link (here) and check out this photographers own happy snaps....while they are picture perfect, they may still may make you smile and be happy to scrap anything!  His kids look like they are having so much fun!
Wishing you all a fantastic week!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Welcome to Term 2!

Today was the 2nd day of Term 2, kids went back to school yesterday and classes re-commence this week.

Thursday at 4pm is our first Kids class for the term. There are 2 spaces remaining in this class so let us know if you would like to join in. On Thursday night is also the first of our Mixed Media classes. Can't wait!

We have a fun filled term planned, be sure to pick up our calender in store, or let me know if you would like me to e-mail you a copy.

We have had a busy couple of weeks so my apologies for not blogging so much. When I looked through the photos on my camera I also realised I never blogged about our wonderful Prima Night, kids PJ party or even our Christmas party!

So here is a quick snapshot....
From our Christmas party...everyone sat for a Scrapbooking test :)

We played lots of games and had plenty of prizes. I have more photos on my other camera (batteries went flat on this one) Will  upload them another day.

We hosted a Prima Night when all the new CHA releases arrived in store. In the above photo some of the ladies are creating cards using Prima Products, and in the photo below are those who couldn't wait to touch and smell (yes really - we have some sniffers!) the new Prima.

The following night we had our inaugral kids Saturday night class. After it being such a huge success with 18 girls dressing up in the PJ's and enjoying a night full of craft, games and popcorn we have already planned one for this term as well!
I don't feel comfortable putting up photos of kids without their parents permission so I can only show this one from the PJ party....some very grown up behaviour from Miss Elisa and Miss Jenny!

More SheART and canvases are on their way so more classes coming soon.....

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The countdown is on - 5 days to go!

Our shop has been buzzing this past week like a beehive. So much excitement and anticipation as our long awaited Mixed Media classes start on Thursday night! We have been promising  you since the craft fair in October (where Jenny's Girl's debuted) that we will teach you all the tricks and techniques and the time has finally come.

Can hardly believe we have so many people signed up! We will start off, with one class that is absolutely full, not even one spare space :) Second class is ready to follow and  people are also on the waiting list for a third, it is going to be so much fun! It excites us that you are so enthusiastic about it!

Why do an In-House workshop? Some people may mistakenly believe that there is no need to do an In-house workshop. There are a  lot of opinions about this. There are many ways to learn mixed media techniques, In-House and online are two of them. 

If you like, you can spend your money on an online workshop, or even better, just watch techniques on YouTube, that's free :) If that is what you prefer, then that's fine, there are plenty of great tutorials out there and they are good.

We believe that running our own In- House workshops for mixed media, is the best option! We know this because, you, our awesome customers have asked for the workshops, which is fantastic  and it shows us that this is something you want to do!  There really is nothing better than getting together with a group of  people, socializing, making new friends and getting some hands on experience at the same time. When you go On line, you can SEE techniques, but in class  you will be able to experiment and gain experience. You don't just see someone else having fun, you get to be the one having fun. 

You could read a cook book, watch master chef or my kitchen rules, but there is nothing like cooking up a storm in your own kitchen and getting to eat the delicious food you make! It's the same thing, you get to play, you get to experiment, you get to see what products you like and what you would like to spend your money on. On line you see someone use an art supply, so you go buy it, only to realize it isn't as easy to master the technique at home, YouTube made it seem too easy! There is no use buying products that someone else suggests that you need, only to have them sit on your shelf. In our workshops you will get to play with products and then decide if it is something you would like to have as part of your "stash".   On Line you can see someone use a product that you really want, only to find that no one in Australia sells the product you are after, how disappointing. In our workshop, you know that what we use, we stock! So you will never be disappointed. 

Could you imagine if Tim Holtz or Donna Downey or any well know paper crafter/artist came to Geraldton to run an In-House workshop, (what fun!) They  come to impart some knowledge and share tips and to give us hands on experience. But, we decide not to go, because after all we could watch them on YouTube instead!? LOL, I can't see that happening.

 Nothing beats hands on experience.   That is why we are excited to see our plans come into fruition, that's why our workshops are full and people are buzzing with anticipation. That is why we do what we do, all for the love of art and an itch to get in and play. I can't wait!
The past 2 weeks Jenny and I have put our heads together and created some more fun and crafty classes which will be held as a one off. (That means no need to sign up for a whole term.) The SheArt class we held on Friday was the first of many. Make sure you are on our mailing list to be the first in the know as the classes are sure to fill up fast.

Enjoy the last day of the school holidays tomorrow (no break for me - I have a party of 15 girls in the shop tomorrow afternoon!) and 3 cheers for the start of a crafty term 2!

Friday, 20 April 2012

SheART - A fun workshop!

Today Jenny taught a group of ladies to make this beautiful SheART canvasses! Everyone started with exactly the same kit - but all the results are very different!
Well Done Ladies!

Monday, 16 April 2012

International Talent

Good Evening!

There are many international designers who offer to come to local scrapbook stores and teach if you book and pay in advance. You may (or may not) have seen on a couple of blogs last night that 3 international designers have cancelled their trip to Perth due to a store in Perth not following through with their agreement.

An opportunity then presented itself that 2 that I spoke to would be able to come to Geraldton if I would like to book them. BUT there would be a minimum for classes and there are flights etc that need to be paid. So my question to you is, would you pay around $120 to be taught by an international artist?  The classes would be fuller than normal so you may not get as much help and assistance that you are used to, so personally I don't think it would suit a beginner. One of the designers is absolutely brilliant in mixed media, and the other offers classes from Prima, Authentique and Pink Paisley.

Please e-mail me if you would be interested. Need to move fast as kits would need to be arranged and they would be leaving their home countries in a matter of weeks.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

SHEart - Make your own canvas!

You can now buy Christy's SHE art papers and rub ons through Pink Paisley. I just love the colours and I love Christy's style.

Would anyone like to join us for a 2 hour workshop on Friday afternoon (20th April). Costs $35 which includes the full kit, use of tools and adhesives and 2 hours of tuition. At the end of the class you will have completed a canvas - and its a perfect gift for your mum on Mother's day which is less than a month away!

Bring a heat gun with you if you have one.

You can book for the class in store, via e-mail or give me a call. Full payment is required when booking to secure your place.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday tomorrow.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New in Store - Washi Tape

Today our shipment of washi tape arrived.
What is washi tape?

Quite simply its a high quality printed masking tape made from Japanese Rice paper (Washi), The adhesive is a low tack which makes it extremely easy to use and re-use!
You can:
* Tear It
* Stick it
* Reposition it
* write on it + more!

Have a look over at Pinterest for some great ideas! Click here.

UNIQUE IDEA: When Jodie popped in to the shop today she bought a couple of rolls to use as band aids! Her 2 year old often has boo boos without any a bit of pretty masking tape does the trick and a lot cheaper than a pack of barbie bandaids!

Hope you have a great evening!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kids Holiday Competition!

Hey Kids! We have an AWESOME holiday competition for you with a giveaway that you are going to LOVE! 

You could win your very own scrapbooking pack including:
* a 12 x 12" post bound album
* 20 patterned papers
* borders
* frames
* tags
* 8 sheets of die cuts
* 3 sticker sheets
* 2 sheets of dimensional stickers
* storage box.

Here is what you will need to do to be in the running for this prize:
1. You need to be under 12 years old and still in Primary School
2. You need to create your very own scrapbooking layout - no help from Mum/Nanna/Big Sister or anyone else :)
3. 80% of the products you use to create your amazing layout need to have been bought from our shop.
4. You need to have fun!
5. Bring your finished page layout in store by Saturday 14th April.

Your page will then be on display in our shop, and our customers will be the ones who will place a vote for their favourite layout.
Votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced on Facebook on Saturday 21st April at 6pm and the prize can be collected by our winner when the shop opens again on Monday.

REMEMBER: It needs to be made by you and you need to have fun!

We can't wait to see your layouts!

Marijke and Jenny

Kids Craft - ORIGAMI

Are you ready for the holidays? Plenty of actvities ready for your kids?

We have just received a shipment of Origami kits. Origami is great to help kids improve their fine motor skills! Each kit can make a total of 60 animals - 15 of each design. (frog, goldfsih, chicken and a cat)

They are already pre-printed with eyes and faint lines of where you should fold. There is also an instruction leaflet.

They are $4.50 per pack.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Kids Classes Term 2 and the Easter holidays

Time is certainly catching up with me, only a couple of days left and it will be time for a well deserved break.

We have classes ready for Term 2 as well as a couple of Fun Classes for during the holidays.

Firstly here is our Holiday program:

Wednesday 11th April

10.00am - 12.00pm
make your own stationary! During this class we will cover a notebook, mini notebook and a bookmark! 
We will be using the beautiful and pretty Lil Primrose Collection.

Thursday 12th April

10.00am - 11.30am
Create 4 Funky cards. We will be stamping and heat embossing.

Wednesday 18th April

10.00am - 11.30am
Create a fun wooden Door Hanger for your door. 

Thursday 19th April

10.00am - 12.00pm
We are repeating our extremely popular mini book class. You can choose from various packs to make a mini book that suits YOUR style and personality! 

Book in store or via e-mail. payment is required when booking.

Term 2 Classes

We have another 10 fun scrapbooking classes planned for Thursday Afternoon's. Last term was booked out within a couple of days s be quick if you would like to book in.

It costs $85 for the full term (which equals to $8.50 per class). Each class kit contains 2-3 sheets of paper and some embellishments. The kids will learn a variety of techniques including painting, misting, using punches, templates and many more! 

Classes are great as an extension to school work in a fun and creative way and their fine motor skills will improve.

Classes start back on Thursday 26th April and will be held every Thursday afternoon from 4pm till 5.30pm as with all of our kids classes, everything is included in the price. Use of tools, adhesives and a great teacher - Jenny. 

Book and pay by Thursday 5th April and receive a tote bag for Free! You can choose between Pink, Purple or black.

Please contact me with any questions.